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Upload Considerations

In order to ensure that your works can pass the website audit quickly and effectively, and reduce unnecessary troubles, please read the following contents carefully and strictly implement them before uploading pictures, otherwise you will not get the corresponding score if you upload pictures at will, and the illegal pictures will be deleted and the shared points warning will be deducted. In serious cases, you may be restricted from uploading or punished by locking the account.
1、 Picture quality considerations

1.1. Image watermark:

It is not allowed to contain watermarks outside the website in any form, such as the URL of a material website in pictures, layer names, file names or other files attached to the compressed package.

1.2. Source file:

A. If the source file of the uploaded work is inconsistent with the content of the preview, it will not pass the audit;

B. The uploaded works are in JPG format and sent to the design column;

C. It is necessary to ensure the clarity of the source file under the actual pixels, and it is not allowed to deliberately enlarge the size or resolution;

D. The source files of the uploaded works shall not affect the use of the image downloaders.

1.3. Compressed package:

A. If the uploaded works are uploaded in compressed package format, no password can be set, and the source files of non design category can not be uploaded in package (the photographic pictures must be uploaded directly from a single picture, and cannot be uploaded in package);

B. The uploaded compressed package shall not affect the use of image downloaders;

C. The files in the compressed package should be consistent with the preview file.

1.4. Others:

A. The uploaded works must be source files, clear, beautiful and have certain use value, otherwise they will not pass the audit;

B. The uploaded works shall not be repeated with the current materials of this website, otherwise it will not pass the audit.

2、 Tips for picture editing:

Warm tips: when the picture is uploaded successfully, it is suggested that the uploader first check the "to be processed picture" and click the file name to download the file to check, so as to avoid the file transmission error caused by network factors and the problem of unable to open. Please save the source file for future use.

2.1. Upload the preview manually (automatic preview is recommended)

A. The preview image should be clear and beautiful, and can fully identify the content of the image.

B. The preview should be consistent with the uploaded source file, and should not be modified too much to avoid misleading.

C. It is recommended that at least one side of the preview image should be larger than 600 pixels (the unified watermark of this website contains the user name, image number and other information of the uploaded member, so as to facilitate users to find and use.)

D. No advertising information can be added to the preview.

E. The preview image can contain self-made watermark, but it should not affect the overall aesthetics of the preview image.

F. The preview shall indicate that it is effect drawing, plan or expanded drawing;

G. The preview image should be clear and beautiful, and fuzzy and unclear phenomena are prohibited;

H. The preview layout shall not copy the preview layout of other users.

2.2. Fill in the title (click here for detailed instructions)

A. The title should be concise and clear. One word should be used to summarize the content in the center of the picture. There should be no more than one word, space, number, symbol, etc. and it should not be repeated with key words.

For example: if the title is "door album design door album", it is recommended to fill in "door album design" or choose one of the words from the original title, otherwise it will not pass the examination.

B. It should not be words that are too general or not centered on the content of pictures, such as design, good pictures, photo, picture album, poster, pure number, pure English, calligraphy and painting, material, etc. Please note that they are specific content.

For example, "door album design" and "mother's Day promotion poster design" can be written in the publicity album with door as the main content, and "mother's Day promotion poster design" or "mother's Day promotion POSTER" can be filled in; Calligraphy and painting works should be written with the name of painting and calligraphy and the name of the author.

C. Serial numbers are not allowed to be used for identification of works in the same series. It is suggested to use special topics to search works in the same series.

For example: the title of the 12 pictures in the 12 constellations series cannot be "12 constellations 1, 12 constellations 2, 12 constellations 3", but the names of Pisces, Scorpio and other constellations should be filled in.

D. Packaging works should be clearly indicated as effect drawing, plan or unfolded drawing.

2.3. Classification of works

The classification should be clear and definite. The pictures should be classified according to their types. They should be seated according to the number and should not be randomly divided. For example, ink painting in JPG format should be divided into "Design Gallery - culture and art - painting and calligraphy".

3、 Notes on picture content

3.1. The uploaded works must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of their contents.

3.2. The uploaded works shall not contain registered trademarks or company names.

3.3. The content of the uploaded pictures shall comply with other laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, and shall not violate the law or contain bad information.

3.4. The uploaded works shall not contain clear portraits, except those that have been legally authorized and submitted corresponding authorization documents.

3.5. If the uploaded works involve the absolute terms of advertisements.

3.6. If the uploaded works include maps, they should meet the upload standard of map works. Map works without review number will not pass the review

3.7. The uploaded works shall not contain RMB patterns.

3.8. The uploaded works shall not include the works of others with intellectual property rights.

4、 The administrator of picture audit standard will conduct corresponding audit according to the above requirements for the works, and has the right to delete the works that do not meet the requirements or violate the relevant regulations and rules of the website, and also make appropriate punishment to the members according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

4.1. Price evaluation of works

The download price of the works is set by the designer when uploading, and the price is finally determined by the administrator.

Note: comprehensive quality of pictures = 20% of market demand + 15% of scarcity + 10% of information filling (title, keywords, classification, etc.) + 30% of picture beauty + 15% of picture attributes (size, clarity, etc.) + other 10%.

Because the comprehensive quality can not be evaluated quantitatively, the sensory evaluation is mainly carried out by the administrator according to the above standards and relevant experience. Although it can not guarantee absolute rationality, it can guarantee equal treatment and fairness. We hope that we can have more understanding and support.

4.2. Pictures to be rectified

The picture to be rectified means that the source file meets the requirements, but there are problems in filling in the information of the work, such as nonstandard filling in of the title and key words, error in the preview, or failure to meet the requirements of the website for the preview, wrong classification, etc.

This kind of works can enter the background of member management, click "pictures to be rectified", first check the reasons for not passing, then click Edit works, according to the reasons for not passing by the administrator, re edit and submit for review.

4.3. Pictures to be deleted

The picture to be deleted refers to the picture that has not passed the audit and can not be modified, such as the source file error, can not be used as material, etc. It is also possible that there is a problem with the source file, which can be uploaded again after modifying the source file, and the specific reason is that the administrator does not pass the audit.

This kind of works can enter their own member management background to view the "failed pictures" to delete the works without deduction of sharing points. Can also be ignored, by the site network batch delete processing.

5、 Statement of work review

This website carries out preliminary examination on the works and other information uploaded by users according to laws and regulations, rules and regulations, relevant policies and the provisions of this website. The works that have passed the preliminary examination will be examined and allowed to be displayed and shared on this website. However, the passing of the work examination does not mean that the website does not guarantee any infringement of the work, nor does it mean that the responsibility of the user for the uploaded work should be reduced, exempted or transferred to the website. The legal responsibility of the work is still borne by the user.

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